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Hello Psylanders, Parvati Records announces their first ever Three Vinyl Series release by Procs! A special release for all psychedelic lovers and vinyl collectors. Parvati Records announcement Parvati Records is honoured to introduce the new album by the Swedish musician Procs: Sol Nedupp Gången His last album was released 10 years ago (!) and now, […]

Hello Psylanders,The new EP of Atropp “Origin of Time” is out now by Parvati Records! Atropp is the pure musical expression of Bruno Azalim, half of Nargun project. The project started in 2014 as space for research and tests on psychedelic music and through the years developed into a unique atmospheric and trippy sound. 2 […]

Hello Psylanders,The new album “Audio Molecule” produced by Biohacker is out now by Sonic Loom Music! ∞ Announcement by Sonic Loom ∞ After his latest release as 3,14 Michael strikes again!This time on a different level. Diving deeper into worlds of complexity & vibrating soundshe researched about the extraction of the “Audio Molecule”. The experiment’s outcome: his […]

Hello Psylanders,Fungus Drop EP is out now by Harmonia Records! A collaboration inspired by Drip Drop member of Harmonia Records, and Fungus Funk member of Sangoma Records. “These two artists need no further introduction!Drip Drop & Fungus Funk combined their magical powers to create a special elixir! Their EP includes two collaborations and will soon be unleashed into the world by Harmonia Records!” Tune […]

Hello Psylanders,Underground Experience wishes you a happy new year with their fresh VA release, called “New Era“. Enjoy the psychedelic vibes! Get your digital copy here:https://undergroundexperience.bandcamp.com/album/va-new-era Compiled by ChaangαMastering by AtrusCover Artwork by Paranormal PsyenceRelease Month: 30 December, 2022 Tracklist:1. Dimmitrion & Nergil – Mysteries of Samothrace2. Kaza & Reevoke – Cheepers Creepers3. Okavango & Packet Moss – […]

Hello Psylanders,Let’s take a look at the releases of Sonic Loom Music for the year 2022. Sonic Loom released one Album spreading some dark glitchy psychill vibes. A new Album by Biohacker will be the kickoff for the new year on 5th January 2023. Deeper in Darkness – 3.14 – Album Title: Deeper in DarknessProduced by 3.14Mastering […]

Hello Psylanders,Let’s take a look at the releases of Bhooteshwara Records for the year 2022. After a small break from releasing music, Bhooteshwara released one VA compilation throughout this year. Their previous release was Polar Nights VA in April 2018. EOS – VACompiled by: ClairvoyantMastering: Blisargon DemogorgonArtwork: Gaoshan OolongRelease Date: September 13, 2022 VA • 9 Tracks Get it […]

Hello Psylanders,Let’s take a look at the releases of Harmonia Records for the year 2022. Harmonia released three VA compilations, and one EP throughout this year. Bonkers & Zonkers – VA Compiled by Harmonia & Hekwapi RecordsMastered by Micky NoiseArtwork by Joe SanchezRelease Date: February 25, 2022 VA • 10 Tracks Get it here! Vindaloo – V​ACompiled by EunoiaMastering by […]

Hello Psylanders,Let’s take a look at the releases of Underground Experience for the year 2022. Underground Experience released three EPs, one Album, and two VA compilations. One more VA will be released on 30 December to complete the collection of 2022. Chiz – Inferno – EPProduced by ChizMastered by AtrusArtwork by PsycoreclinicRelease Date: January 31, 2022 EP • […]

Hello Psylanders,Let’s take a look at the releases of Anarchic Freakuency Records for the year 2022. Anarchic Freakuency released one VA compilation, one EP, and one special release with 5 remixes of one track. Terra Mater – VACompiled by DJ MaratusMastered by Komfuzius StudioArtwork by Trilochana.creationsRelease Date: June 1, 2022 VA • 11 Tracks Get it here! CLAW – […]