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The Seed – Compiled by Emiel & Daksi (Coming Soon)

Written by on May 1, 2024

Sangoma Records proudly presents “The Seed”, an anniversary special to celebrate our 100th release assembled by label heads Emiel and Daksinamurti. It features an all-star lineup from the label roster and friends to showcase the current state of the art. For this release, we collaborated with the fantastic Joe Vaux. It is a true honor for us to have Joe, a humble painter, and a director on the legendary Family Guy TV series, whose art is also used as the work of a character named Goliath on Syfy channel’s Resident Alien. This 17-track release can show a glimpse of our repertoire and we assure you it will keep you moving and grooving in the quintessential sangomesque fashion. We want to thank everyone who has been supporting us on this path.

Sangoma Records – Trance Inducing music since 2011

Releases May 17, 2024

Format: Digital download & CD

Pre-order here:


1.Lost Papas – Nomads
2.Digital Abstract – Disclosure
3.CYK – Beyond
4.Sequoya – Learning by Dreaming
5.Konebu, Creepy Deep – Tannis Root
6.Yebah – Mind Alchemy
7.Sonoric Illusion, Purist – Cosmic Paths
8.Archetypes, Sequoya – Under the Banyan Tree
9.UkaUka – The Seed
10.Nulla Taar – My Mind is Playing Tricks
11.Oksha, Yabba Dabba – Tamashi
12.Kabayun, Cosinus – Expanding Consciousness
13.Ingrained Instincts, Daksinamurti – Galactic Spores
14.Superluminal – Cosmic Strings
15.Doom’s – Nexus
16.Endeavour – Grape Gasoline
17.Virtual Light, Act One – The Enigmatron

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