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Hello Psylanders,Bhooteshwara Records is proud to present its 13th physical release. VA EOS will be out soon on the 13 of September in both CD & Digital formats! Compiled by Clairvoyant, this compilation represents her selection of nowadays night time psychedelic music. EOS features artists such as Aegolius, Aranya, Kaayaas, Sarruma, OpeNmiNd, Anarkick, Shiibashunsuke, Kacid, […]

Hello psychedelic lovers,Following their latest VA release “The Perpetual Dancefloor“, Parvati Records strike back with a new album release. Dinosaur Spaceship – Juracid Park will be out soon spreading some deep twisted atmospheric sounds. Dinosaur Spaceship is the new project of Portuguese producer Khaos Sektor. With a long experience in producing Psy-Trance, started in 2005, […]

Hello Psylanders,VA Omplified is Out Now by Discovalley & Pukkawallah Records! A Greek label with a long history into the psytrance scene join forces with Pukkawallah Records based in Japan to offer us some fine darkpsy vibes. Grab it at the link below: https://discovalleyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/omplified-compiled-by-teo-suzi VA Omplified will be live on our radio this Monday, 15 […]

Hello Psylanders,Bhooteshwara Records is proud to present its 13th physical release. VA EOS (Compiled by Clairvoyant) is Coming soon on Psyland Web Radio! Get ready for some dark vibes, and stay tuned for samples and release date! “Alas, I see you sister Selene, shining out of silver in thy hair.Where have you hidden the sword […]

Hello Psylanders,VA Omplified is coming soon! Get ready for Discovalley’s second release of the year, following Trilogy – True Hallucinations released on January 13. Previews are bounced and transmitted via Soundcloud! You can find them below the tracklist. VA DESCRIPTION & TRACKLIST “Discovalley Records & Pukkawallah Records join forces once again to deliver the collaboration […]

Hello Psylanders,Following their latest release “VA Gariffalia“, Underground Experience strikes back by announcing their next album release “Synthfull Mood Echoes”. The album is produced by Vermo Truo and will be available old-fashioned on both CD & Digital Format. Vermo Truo – Synthfull Mood Echoes Mastering by Interzone Mastering Cover Artwork by G-mazu Release Month: August […]

Hello Psylanders,Discovalley Records & Pukkawallah Records join forces once again in order to deliver the collaboration VA Omplified! Long lasting friendship, support and cooperation on many levels between Teo & Suzi, were manifested into this wicked 12 track project. It was compiled by them and meditated by artists of both labels! More info to be […]

Hello Psylanders,A new VA release carrying a meaningful message has just arrived on Psyland. Garyfallia VA is Out Now by Underground Experience! Tracks by: Archaic // Atomas // Atrus // Fomenth // Geozen // Kaos // Rakasa // SnapGon // Uma Alma Nine tracks, dedicated to unity, gender equality, and all the victims of sexism and gender-based crimes. The compilation title is dedicated to the memory of […]

Hello Psylanders,A special album we have all been waiting for has just been released by Sonic Loom! Deeper in Darkness produced by 3.14, is out now promising to offer you some melancholic goosbumps through its long psychedelic trip. A deep dive into darkness, enveloped in the dystopian feeling of a new era, with sick grooves […]

To Garyfallia In the beginning was savagery. Then, “Great Goddess”, “Mother Goddess”,”Mother” appeared.The universe in three dimensions : fertility, death, renaissance. A natural evolution, consequence of mother instinct,was artificially replaced by “The principle of fatherhood”, as a financial reformation. From gynoecocracy to femicide.A patriarchical structured allegedly civilised societycreates and maintains a vicious circle,from violence to […]