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Welcome Sonic Loom

Written by on November 26, 2021

sonic loom

Hello Psylanders,
Today we are glad and honored to welcome Sonic Loom, another record label that joins us on the board of Psyland!

Sonic Loom is a collective network of artists, created in the year 2011. Behind this concept lies the need to gather, create and share electronic music. Continuously experimenting and evolving through psychedelia, presenting new ideas without genre restrictions. From urban jungles to nature’s temples, let’s explore the infinite sonic universe.


Allu, Antonymous, Atomas, Band Crash, Biohacker, Biophotons, Dark Elf, Dendrobates, Freakplanet, Kulu, Leso, Muscaria, Noitrik, Ordo Ab Chao, Petran, Polyplexer, Psychoson, Quadraphonic, Thos Grol, Tromo, Yann

Band Crash, Daoine Sidhe, Daub, Escape Velocity, Escape Velocity, Memphidos, Momentum, Naturelement, Stefan Torto, Sygnals, Vlastur, Vlastur Full Band

Label DJs:

Joshi, Ordo Ab Chao, Kulu

Sonic Loom Links:




Contact(at) www.sonic-loom.com

Bookings(at) www.sonic-loom.com

Welcome Sonic Loom

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