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VENUS VERSARY – Psytrance Party by Venus Visionary

Written by on November 26, 2023

VENUS VERSARY - Psytrance Party

VENUS VERSARY – Psytrance Party

Greetings Psylanders,
We are delighted to inform you about an upcoming event that promises to be an exhilarating experience! Venus Visionary is hosting a psytrance party in Tirana, Albania. Save the date: 22nd December 2023!


This date marks the creation of Venus Visionary and this year they are celebrating its 6th anniversary!

Check out the LINE UP


VENUS VERSARY - Psytrance Party living

Living Frequencies

Living Frequencies project is about combining daily facts of life with a good dose of fantasy and turning them into sound. Behind this project is Giannis Pap from Thessaloniki, Greece with several studies at computer science and technology. At a very young age he was introduced to electronic music until he finally discovered psytrance which was a lifechanger. His passion led him to produce his own music in order to express his ideas and contribute to this unique community and so around 2008 the journey begins! Working non-stop to upgrade the storytelling and production, he’s always in search for the best results in the studio.

Giannis loves tweaking synthesizers and analog gear, blending them in the live sets to make each performance unique. Since a few years he’s a member of Harmonia Records. After many years of dedication, continuous work, endless searching and playing music, this project is more mature than ever to take the audience in a unique listening experience!

Read more about him and check out his music:



Archo, whose real name is Archontis, was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. He is a newcomer to the Psytrance DJ scene and began performing in 2021. He is a member of the Psyland Web Radio family and serves as an organizer for the Psyland Festival in Greece. Archo is a very energetic individual with remarkable visions and a deep love and passion for the psychedelic scene. His artistic name is, of course, inspired by his real name, which also relates to concepts of rulership and new beginnings.

Psyland Team: https://psyland.live/members/arxo/


Astreveta Project was born in Kosovo in 2004, created by Veton Avdiu, Liridon Uka and Albert Hasani. After a decade of producing and creating of events, Astreveta paused for some years and later the project was continued by Veton Avdiu – producer and DJ of his own label Psyks Records. The beginning of the project was concentrated mostly on Goa Trance, but later Veton started to experiment in other genres. Astreveta played in many festivals and parties with many known artists. Astreveta’s music transcends positive energy and happiness.


Kurisu, is the only female DJ of Venus Visionary and Psyland Radio. She was born in 1995 in Albania and she has shown interest in music and arts since she was a child. Starting her psychedelic journey in 2016, she organized Psytrance Parties and Festivals in Tirana, using her skills as a curator, graphic designer, deco artist, and social media manager. In 2017, she established the brand Venus Visionary as an Event Organizing Crew and Label to spread the love and passion for Psychedelic Trance Music and its culture in her homeland. Later on she started being involved in music and played her first set in October 2017 at “Venus Tribe” Festival. Since then, she has been dedicated to discovering new music, selecting, and mixing for friends and psy dancers at parties and festivals. Her taste is mostly focused on Chillout genres like Psychedelic Downtempo and Chillgressive.

Kurisu has organized numerous events in Albania, featuring well-known local and foreign artists, and has also organized and played music abroad in countries like Vietnam where she lived for a year and in Greece, where the psychedelic scene is highly developed. In 2019, she designed the brand Venus String Art & Deco representing handmade decorations with fluorescent strings, a distinctive feature of all events organized by Venus Visionary. After some years, in 2021, Kurisu joined Psyland Web Radio team as a content writer on the blog, social media manager, and brand ambassador, continuing her dream of promoting Oneness beyond borders. In 2023, she took on the role of a brand ambassador for Nordic Aliens Music a music record label that resonates with her musical preferences.

Kurisu finds joy in contributing to online marketing, recognizing the potency of social media and the online sphere as powerful tools for sharing one’s passions with the world. She continues to live her psychedelic dream by transforming it into a lifestyle. She creates and designs psychedelic jewelry and decorations, promotes sustainable lifestyle, art and fashion on her online platforms and personal blog, writes psy articles and takes care of the label.

psy color

Psy Color

The project “Psy Color” was created by Redian Zyka, born and raised in Albania. His love for Psychedelic Music and Culture developed during his teenage years while working as a Sound Engineer. In 2014, he organized his first Psytrance party for his birthday at the Grand Park of Tirana, where many people joined. This event marked the day he played music for the first time, and he has continued ever since. In 2015, he organized his first official open-air party. He continued to host events over the years, including editions like “Tujoni n’Fest,” “Om Festival,” and “Psychedelic Lovers.” In 2017, he joined forces with Kurisu to create “Venus Visionary” as an Event Organizing Crew and Psytrance Music Label in Albania.

The core vision of “Venus Visionary” aligns with Venus as a Planet and Goddess of Love and Beauty, coming from the hearts of people regardless of their origins. Together, they began promoting and supporting local and international artists and DJs, aiming to bring and spread Psychedelic Culture in Albania and strengthen the global tribe across different countries. Over the years, the dream evolved with four Open Air Festivals, including “Venus Tribe” (2018) and three editions of “We are One” Festival (2017 – 2019), along with 15 indoor and outdoor parties in Albania and four parties in Vietnam during 2020. Psy Color’s selected music primarily focuses on FullOn – Twilight, serving as his main tool to keep people dancing to harmonious sounds mixed with dark effects and details.

He has also performed in various local underground parties and internationally. Some of the events are “Re:Form” (2018) by Servis & Lotus Feet Records in Kosovo, “Perpetuall Illumination” (2019) by A Patra Dimensiune in Romania, “Psyland Event” (2022) by Psyland Team in Greece, “Floor Essence” (2023) by Lotus Feet Records in Kosovo, “Karma Festival” by The Wrathful Vision (2023) in Kosovo, and Psyland Festival (2023) in Greece.

VENUS VERSARY - Psytrance Party psylex


Psylex Jembalang is from Greece and began his professional DJ career in 2005, influenced by hip-hop music. He is also a producer involved in the project ”Burning Bones Entertainment” with MCs, DJs, and breakers. He is a well-known figure, participating in various events in Greece, including live performances and competitions with different artists in the hip-hop culture.

In 2008, Alexis developed an interest in electronic music, participating in festivals and parties. In 2016, he ventured into music production. He is focusing on psytrance with influences from various ethnic and electro elements, natural instruments, and percussions. Later in 2021, one of his great ideas came to life as a project called Psyland Web Radio ! Teaming up with other talented creatives dedicated to the psy scene, he became involved in constructing and overseeing this platform, aimed at connecting psy artists globally. Psyland functions as an online radio blog with daily broadcasts, new releases, articles etc. Psylex also serves as the organizer of Psyland Festival held in Greece. He has excellent mixing skills and a profound selection of tracks with a deep forest vibe. A mystic experience that you definitely shouldn’t miss!

Deco/String Art:
Venus String

venus string


VENUS VERSARY - Psytrance Party

Price: 1000 ALL / 10€
At the door: 1500 ALL / 15€
Hurry up! They are LIMITED!

Order your ticket online by sending a message to:

* If you live in Tirana, Albania:

Stay tuned on Instagram: @venusvisionary

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