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Whispering Fauna 2 Hello Psylanders,Patronus Records proudly presents: Whispering Fauna Volume Two. Once again they joined forces to seek out and select sounds for a new generation of psychedelic trance. Compiled by Melange, Xed, Mirror EngineReleased by Patronus RecordsMastering by Ankur @ Seres StudioArtwork by James FletcherRelease date: February 9, 2024 “Here we go. The […]

Freaks Delight (VA) Hello Psylanders,Enjoy the latest collaboration of Freaks Delight Events group and Forestdelic Records! A 10 track VA compiled by Dj Oak Tales. Freaks Delight is a series of outdoor psychedelic trance events organized by a group of enthusiasts in North Macedonia. These events typically focus on showcasing unique and pleasurable psychedelic soundscapes […]

Sonic Force – Fuel for the underground soul In the ever-evolving cosmos of electronic music, a momentous collision of forces is about to occur. Brace yourself for an auditory excursion of unparalleled proportions as two heavyweights of the psychedelic realm, Sonic Loom and Deviant Force Records, unite to birth a stellar revelation: “Sonic Force.” This […]

Tesius Mundus VA Hello Psylanders!A special VA release for the lovers of high bpm forestpsy is out now by Anakis & Quadrivium Records! Tesius Mundus, the Third World, is the encounter of two musical territories, which when put together give birth to a new experience. Symbolized here by the fusion of Forest and Hi-Tech, this […]

Urban Jungle VA Hello Psylanders!A new VA release is on the way by PsyUnity Music. A 12 track compilation by Dorito is promising to spread some twilight and forest vibes into our Urban Jungles! Soon available at:https://psyunitymusic1.bandcamp.com/ Compiled By DoRIToArtwork By Weird WolfMastering By DarkSpectrum LAB Artists: Windowpain & MehpsyahZabaero ProjectEternityArcheosExoteronAtaraxium & OrgonShamanic TheoryVorrRadagaDBus51WavebenThird Vision […]

Hybrid Synthesis VA Hello Psylanders!Nordic Aliens Music is proud to present their new various artists compilation, marking their 10th release into this realm. 10 new original dancefloor oriented tracks, with many great artists leaving their signature once again. This time the concept behind this compilation is focusing on the past-present-future, keeping in mind the story and […]

Endeavour & Fungus Funk team up for this eclectic 3 track release called Sonzeira, which is Brazilian-Portuguese slang for “Good Music” or “Stunning Sound”. Both artists combined their styles skillfully and the outcome deserves the title. Driving dancefloor-oriented music with a twist that gives a glimpse of what to expect from their upcoming albums. Que […]

V/A Chimera Hello Psylanders,The New compilation of Underground Experience is dedicated to Goa Gill and his contributions to our scene! Rest in Peace Swami ji. Get your copy at:https://undergroundexperience.bandcamp.com/album/va-chimera Compiled by TangieMastering by Mind OscillationCover Artwork by Neko GraphixTracks 7 & 9 Mastering by World Frequencies studioReleased: October 27, 2023 Tracklist Find here more releases […]

12 Years Anniversary Compilation by Banyan records Hello Psylanders,Banyan records is honored to present you this massive compilation. For their 12th birthday, they came up with something special and put together 17 tracks for you in the usual range of dark and forest. They wish you a pleasant listening experience and that your legs dance […]

Enter Parvati VA Hello Psylanders,The new VA compilation of Parvati Records is out now! 14 fresh tracks promise you to “Enter Parvati” gateway transcending the limits of our reality. Get your copy at:https://beatspace-parvati.bandcamp.com/album/enter-parvati “If the world is an oyster, you are the pearl inside. If crystals are eye-candy, music must be ear-candy.We are like tools, bending […]