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Become a member of our Patreon Community

Written by on March 29, 2023

Become a member of our Patreon Community

Psyland Patreon Community

Hello Psyland Fans,
Welcome to the portal of Psyland’s psychedelic community! Our Patreon page is now open for subscriptions!

Let us introduce our selves…
We are a group of young people with a big love and passion for psytrance music and psychedelic arts. Our journey began in June 2021 after launching our online radio station and official website. After being on-air for about a year, your support inspired us to move one step forward into releasing music, organizing festivals, and creating our official magazine.

Our primary aim is to create original content about psychedelic electronic music, entertain, and connect listeners, artists, and creators through events, and daily broadcasting, with a vision to create a unified psychedelic community.

We also aim to support the artists and labels of the psychedelic music scene by presenting and promoting their content through our project.

With your support, you help us expand our community and continiue our journey into creating original content about the psychedelic music scene. A big thanks to all Psyland Fans! <3

Subscribe to the tier you prefer to support our team and get exclusive benefits.


Join our psychedelic community to get the following benefits:

Tier 1

Become a Supporter, get some basic benefits and help the Psyland fairies thrive.

• General Support
• Psyland Magazine
• Digital downloads (MP3)

Tier 2

Become a Psylander, get more benefits and get free tickets for Psyland events!

• General Support
• Psyland Magazine
• Digital downloads (FLAC, WAV)
• Free Ticket for all events organized by Psyland
• Fan requests
• Content promo (for artists & labels)

Extended information about each tier:

  • After joining our community as a Supporter, you will gain access to some basic benefits like downloading the annual Psyland Magazine in PDF and our discography in mp3 files. This tier is primarily supportive rather than a benefit provider.
  • As a psylander, you also get FREE TICKET for all the events organized by Psyland (for members of +6 months), and you can make your suggestions about stuff you would like to be added to our project.
    If you are a psychedelic artist or label you will get content promo on our official website and social media pages.

*Anytime you can unsubscribe, cancel or change tier by your wish.

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