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Live Set by Ekahal

Ekahal 🇬🇷

Sahman Records

Ekahal is the psytrance project of Greece’s George Tsafaridis. The genesis of Ekahal goes back to 2015. The world was never the same ever since. George first started playing music as early as 8 years old, heavily influenced by the heavy metal bands he was listening to at the time. At 15 he was introduced to psytrance and he was instantly caught by its mesmerizing power.
Devoting himself to learning all there is to know about the production of this incredible music, he quickly made a name for himself in the scene that he already loved so much. It didn’t take much time for him to grace the stages of various events in Greece and across Europe.
His music is the soundtrack to a dream. An “unreality” made possible by the powers of sound and melodies. Fly, run, dance wherever you can imagine. Normality has no power within the world created by Ekahal.
In 2018, George teamed up with the highly acclaimed DJ Wingman, to form their brand new collaborative project, Purple Shapes. Releases past and future, it’s all history in the making. Be part of this time.

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