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Delicatessen V/A

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Delicatessen (V/A)

Delicatessen (V/A)

Delicatessen is the new Various Artist’s compilation from Anarchic Freakuency Records .11 tracks carefully selected by legendary Dj Paulo Lopes .
DJ Paulo Lopes: A Different Perception of Music Listening to DJ Paulo Lopes playing is a unique experience. He is the only DJ in the dance music culture that is blind. And similarly to seminal artists deprived for the visual sense – like Shi Kuang, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Sony Terry or Blind Willie Johnson – he takes the whole music audition to another level.

Compiled by Dj Paulo Lopes
Mastering by Komfuzius Studios Cyprus
Artwork by Paranormal psyence
Released Date: June 15, 2023

1. Creepy Deep and Axial Tilt – Havanna
2. Zaiklophobia – Wake Up
3. Ohmny – Esquizopath
4. Electryxeed – Printed Organism
5. N3xu5 – Edgerunner
6. Komfuzius – Synthetic Whispe
7. Yamaraja and Claw – Digital Ceremony
8. Rawar – When you are Down
9. MPF – Noix Gosta Muito
10. DigitalX – Boiling Ghost
11. Disobedient Perception – Scrape Diem

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