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Tasos Athanasopoulos (Tazz)

Tazz likes music, animals, plants, nature, eco-communities, science (physics, astronomy), psy art, and communicating.
He was born in Pyrgos, Greece and he started listening to electronic music at the age of 16. He worked as a dj and organized private and open edm partys at the age of 17-18. At the age of 18, Tazz got in touch with psy music and some years later it became his favorite music genre, and forest his favorite subgenre.
In 2011, he entered the University of Patras, Civil Engineering, leaving his dream to get professionally engaged with music.
After a lot of consideration, Tazz left the university in 2018 to study music technology and get back into the music world.
He started producing psychill and forest psy music in 2020 and he loves modular synthesizers. (Still learning..)
In July 2021, he became part of the psyland.live team as the main (radio show) podcaster and as a content creator, writing about different interesting topics for the blog of the web radio.

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