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Hello Psylanders, Today we are happy to have another psychedelic crew on board called “Venus Visionary“! Welcome! “Venus Visionary” is a Psychedelic Crew created in 2017 in the name of love and passion for Psychedelic trance music and it’s culture. It’s main purpose is to create artistic events and a community which consists in Psychedelic […]

Hello Psylanders,From a young age I was wondering if humans can escape the prison of the modern world and live in harmony with nature, without power structures, but at the same time stay organized and use eco-friendly technology. As a little kid, I was told that I was asking for an utopia. Disappointed by the […]

Hello there Psylanders,Today we are happy to welcome Tazz on board! His name is Tasos Athanasopoulos and he likes music, animals, plants, nature, eco-communities, science (physics, astronomy), psy art, communicating. He was born in Pyrgos, Greece, and has worked as a dj and organized private and open parties. After falling in love with Psytrance he […]

This is a breaking news article, which is referred to the massive wildfires in Greece, but also other places of Europe which are happening these last days but also these last years. This time the fires are spotted in many places of Europe at the same time… One of the saddest moments this land has […]

Hello Psylanders,Today we are so glad to inform you that we welcome a great artist on board called Psycoreclinic! Behind this project is a very talented girl who designs out of this world graphics and digital art. She has also designed some of the banners that are posted here on Psyland Blog. We love her […]

Dear Psychedelic Community, Welcome to our “Psychedelic News” section where in the following days we will bring you articles about the latest news related to the Psychedelic society and what is happening so we can always be informed. As we all know and are experiencing, we are all going through a very difficult situation for […]